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We have a unique approach to help resolve the age old question of “Who do we hire first?”

SJT is willing to enter the project at any time and has the resources to take the project on from any point. It doesn’t matter if it’s before the plans are made or after, we have the resources, relationships, and experience to help bring the project to completion.

The point is that our years of construction knowledge and our communication skills allow us to be able to enter a project at any time and provide value and expertise to bring the project home.

If you are unsure what your next step is… Just call!

Meet Shea Thomson


SJT Contracting Inc. is the passion of Shea Thomson, a journeyman carpenter with 15 year experience building homes in the Okanagan Valley. As owner and operator, Shea prides himself in providing one-on-one customer care and attention to detail to bring his client’s visions to reality. Shea takes great value in taking the time to personally communicate and coordinate with his clients and sub-trades on a day to day basis. By providing personalised care it ensures top quality workmanship and collaborative relationships with his clients in every step of the building process.

Being born and raised in the Okanagan area, Shea not only has a vast knowledge of the landscape and building community but also a long lasting relationship with many people in the construction industry. Shea’s experience spans new home builds, renovations, and commercial projects.

SJT Contracting’s success is attributed to a team of carefully picked individuals who share Shea’s passion for quality, integrity, and authenticity in every project and relationship. By staying current with building trends and building codes SJT Contracting strives to build innovative and timeless projects.

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